Updating IT Speeds Up Transaction Costs and Reduces waste in Schools

How Upgrading Your Information Technology Can

Help Your Business Save Time and Money!

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There are many new and creative cloud systems that my company and others can benefit from such as a cloud data management interface (CDMI) that allows us to back up and restore information on a cloud system. The technology created in 2006 allowed for a new Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and a new business model formed known as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), which applications use in the cloud system to run. This system can aid SMB’s with a range of support for the company, whether it is MIS decision-making software or even a Google Apps calendar for the professors and people who work in the office. Today’s conversion from different transport protocols (e.g. HTTP, TCP/IP) to today’s XML-based nature has exposed organizations to different types of integration systems for information or data software that better services SMB’s and corporations.



The advantage cloud 2.0 offers, is that it runs on a different server for the infrastructure, allowing access to more resources and space. The one that we are most familiar with is Infrastructure as service (IaaS). This infrastructure, at my company only backs up the data that we use in Access into the server and allows us to update from one system at a time. Instead, we should upgrade to a Platform as a Service (PaaS) infrastructure, which uses web servers and database middle-ware and requires hardware to manage its applications, such as Google, Microsoft’s Azure Services platform, and other database services such as Amazon’s and Rackspace Cloud Sites. However, I have discovered that the best for office type of work and CRM service is to use Software as a Service (SaaS) because applications are executed through an internet service, meaning that the application runs on the cloud. PaaS eliminates the need for expensive equipment and allows for live real time editing of documents over the internet. Today the BYOD (bring your own device) movement has proposed many promises for mobile marketing, IT, and MIS systems of the future. Because of the amount of Human Information available today from blogs, social sites such as Facebook and YouTube, and the information rapidly spread around the world because it is easier to understand. It is the cloud collaboration that has allowed for the world to think about sustainability issues all around the world so much that even corporations have to invest in applications that track their carbon footprint from acquiring raw materials. Upon research, I found that Microsoft Access has drastically improved over the years, so much that it can even take payment and synchronize better with other programs. For example, it has integrated with Cisco systems in 2011 and has also integrated with HP and Dell, offering a service for even easier data transfer. Programs are now called Web Apps, where management is always trying to push budgets for continuous upgrades of software and hardware continues to put pressure on budgets of most businesses. Cloud computing services would increase service by standardizing the service requirements through metadata. Today, because other companies have also integrated with cloud, software data exchange has offered a new level of consumerization with the convenience of web 2.0 applications, which offer flexibility with data exchange technological advances allowing programs to have interoperability and security. Individuals and business owners can now easily track their ecological footprint using Smart Grid applications, they have enabled users to watch their energy and consumption by creating the Green Machine at Home app, which provides powerful ways to influence ones green behavior. Companies such as IBM have a number of cloud products, and have promoted cloud since 2007, developing what they call their smart business portfolio that offer test environment implementation which will be valuable software for businesses in the future that can be accessed very easily for the company and inexpensively. They offer products like Smart Market, Smart Cube, and Smart Desk for desktop navigation. There have been various solutions for taking payment, but none which integrate well with most database systems. Since 2006 Microsoft had released its cloud strategy, integrating with Google’s Web Apps and making improvements, after 2010, they offer web versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote, which is accessed by multiple staff at a time and is edited live but have limited access (one user at a time). “We are working toward a goal we call service parity,” says John Betz, director of product management for Microsoft Online Services. Since then, Microsoft has integrated by offering cloud 2.0 services, which can be found on Hotmail’s Silverlight or Google Docs. Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM, along with many other big corporations mandated by the government to provide security for businesses and make improvements to their applications.

Choosing a Solution

There are a number of educational establishments currently developing and deploying Cloud applications into their educational facilities and office use system. The University of California (UC) at Berkley is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a locally owned infrastructure allowing them to save on the funds they would have had to spend on huge servers. The Medical College of Wisconsin Biotechnology and Bioengineering Center in Milwaukee are coordinating research using Google’s online spreadsheets saving time and coordinating group work needed for research. Kentucky’s Pike County district introduced cloud computing to its schools using a platform designed by ICC Technology Partners, a subcontractor of IBM, transforming their facility by enabling them to recycle 1,400 computers that would have otherwise been thrown in the garbage. Washington State University’s school of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) have selected VSphere4 from VMware. Other schools such as Belchertown School District in Massachusetts uses a cloud based software between their five schools. NetApp FAS2020 storage allows for the same type of storage with VMware security and virtual desktop. An innovative technology such as using VMware VCloud Datacenter and using Bluelock security allows companies to transfer data across public and shared cloud platforms and transfer workloads safely and securely. Cloud computing is also finding its way into UK’s higher education institutions such as Leeds metropolitan University, The University of Glamorgan, the University of Aberdeen, and the University of Westminster, the London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and the Royal College of Art (RCA) have all adopted Google Apps. This has become a popular demand for students. In fact, last night I just taught my boss how to schedule teachers on Google calendar and he is amazed with its ability. So the main question is why don’t we upgrade? In most cases It seems to corporations it is control, however, from experience, I have a hutch it is the need to to control their workers in addressing security issues

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